Concrete Restoration

First, we evaluate the concrete floor. Then we do whatever it takes to create the physical environment required to insure the durability of the new flooring system.

  • Grout Repair
  • Joint Repair
  • Crack Repair
  • Membranes
  • Epoxy Injections

Complete Substrate Preparation

Substrate Preparation is critical for long-lasting durability. Blue Field Floors exclusively utilizes superior mechanical means of surface preparation with state of the art equipment, including dust control.

  • Shot Blasting
  • Scarification
  • Dust Free Grinding
  • Demolition

Your advantage is that Blue Field Floors does not represent a specific product line. This allows us to select the right materials at the right price from a select group of well established, reputable vendors. It also allows us to offer many aesthetically creative choices that are unparalleled in our industry

State of the Art Applications

Systems selected and installed by Blue Field Floors are tough. These floor systems are designed to withstand continuous abrasion, punishing impact and/or chemical attack.

For sanitation our seamless floors are easier to maintain and there are no seams or cracks to trap dirt and bacteria.

For safety our floors are available in avariety of textures to help avoid slip/fall accidents.

For aesthetics, we offer a rich array of color blends, and patterns allowing for expression and individuality.

  • Troweled Mortar Systems
  • Broadcast Applications
  • Concrete Polishing/Staining
  • Terrazzo
  • Spray Applied Systems
  • Integral Cove Base
  • High Performance Wall Systems
  • Primary & Secondary Containment

Blue Field Floors specializes in protecting and repairing concrete from chemical and mechanical attack, by applying various decorative and functional seamless resinous flooring and lining products on a turnkey basis. The primary product lines supplied and installed are as follows:

  • Industrial grade, troweled applied, epoxy and cementious urethane mortar flooring systems,
  • Commercial quality, troweled applied, quartz aggregate epoxy mortar systems and detailed epoxy terrazzo applications,
  • Various floor and wall coating systems ranging from thin film to high build thickness, including dissipative and conductive ESD systems,
  • Chemically resistant flooring systems for process areas and laboratories, and lining systems for secondary containment structures,
  • Spray applied Polyurea systems for floor, wall and primary & secondary containment applications including potable water.
  • Installation of engineered fiberglass structures and grating.
  • Installation of spray polyurethane foam insulation

Substrate Restoration

Surface Preparation

Substrate Remediation
- Troweled
- Slurry

- Osmotic Water Vapor - Mitigation
- Crack & Joint Repair

Functional Floor Coatings

Industrial High Build
Aircraft Hangar

Functional Floor Systems

1/16-1/8" thickness

- Chemical Resistant
- Self-Leveling
- Water Borne
- Flexible

3/16-1/4" thickness

- Troweled
- Troweled Malleable

Urethane Slurry