Decorative Broadcast/Slurry Kitchen Flooring

Quartz Flooring

Blue Field Floors DECORATIVE BROADCAST/SLURRY KITCHEN FLOORING SYSTEM is a 100% solids, epoxy floor system (3/32–1/8”) designed for food processing and food preparation areas. This unique formulation is resistant to thermal shock including hot cooking oil and grease. The system also displays excellent chemical resistance to vinegars, sugars, phosphoric acid, and cleaning solutions.



  • USDA approved
  • Thermal shock resistant
  • Limitless color options
  • 100% solids, zero VOC
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Seamless, easy to clean surface
  • Resistant to hot cooking oil
  • Available with an antimicrobial agent


  • Kitchens
  • Food-processing
  • Food handling
  • Bottling plants
  • Research laboratories

Different seal coat options:

  • Standard Epoxy Coating
  • High Performance CR Epoxy
  • Hi-Solids Polyurethane Enamel, Gloss, or Satin
  • 100% Solids Urethane
  • Epoxy Satin Coating-Satin
Typical Physical Properties
Color Pre-Blended Standard Colors
Custom Color Blends Available
Hardness @ 24 hoursShore D, ASTM D 2240 80/85
Compressive Strength
ASTM C 579
11,200 psi
Tensile Strength
ASTM C 307
ASTM D 638
2,100 psi
Abrasion Resistance
ASTM D 4060
0.29 grams lost
Flexural Strength
ASTM D 790
5,100 psi
ACI 503R
350 psi - 100% concrete failure
Flammability5 Self-Extinguishing over concrete
Resistance to Elevated Temperatures
No slip or flow at required temperature of 158°F